Interior design courses

Joining Interior Design Courses is the new hype in the market. There has been a great rise in the real estate field. This rise was an effect of Global Interactions and increasing industrialization on the international level. This resulted in the development of modern and attractive infrastructure all around the globe, which was design by great interior designers. With increased income level and global connectivity, the demand for luxury, comfort, and aesthetics in the interior have grown tremendously. And therefore, the demand for good interior designers has also shot up.

Getting good certification for any of the Interior Design Courses will open up a big world of opportunities for you. You can join an existing firm in the market to get practical experience or if you have faith in your skills, you can even start your own firm. So you have the freedom to work with someone or be your own boss.

Interior Designing One-Year Certificate Program

  • Design Fundamental
  • Graphics Communication &
  • Visual Presentation Residential

Space Design

  • Interior Construction & Detailing
  • Interior Materials & System
  • Auto CAD

Interior Designing Two-Year Advanced Certificate Program

  • Evolution of Interior Designing
  • Studio for Work Space
  • Studio for Retail & Store
  • Studio for Café & Restaurant
  • The business of Interior Design
  • Lightning Techniques & Applications
  • Professional Practice